Gift Box (4-pack)


The PrePOPsterous Gift Box is perfect for any gifting occasion throughout the year! Give the box as is, or wrap it for a sweet surprise. Each gift box comes with a blank card so that you can pen your own personal gifting note.

Great gifting occasions: Birthdays, Administrative Professionals Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day…really, any day!


The PrePOPsterous Gift Box comes filled with our most popular flavors for the current season. The gift box includes 1 small bag each of four different flavors. During the months of September – December, the box will include one or more of our holiday flavors – Absurdly Gingerbread, Absurdly Peppermint and Absurdly Pumpkin Spice – and the balance will include Absurdly Cheddar and/or Absurdly Herbed. Each small bag contains approximately 2 cups of popcorn.

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