PrePOPsterous® Flavors

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Absurdly Sweet

Absurdly Caramel Popcorn

Absurdly Caramel*

Hands down the best caramel gourmet popcorn around!!! It’s sweet and buttery, and will melt in your mouth. This is always a crowd pleaser.
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Absurdly Chocolate*

Possibly the healthiest form of chocolate around. This is particularly flavorful when paired with our Absurdly Peppermint or Absurdly Caramel.
Absurdly Cinnamon Popcorn

Absurdly Cinnamon*

Think cinnamon red hots melted all over a batch of popcorn! That’s not exactly how we make it, but that’s exactly how it tastes.
Absurdly Coconut Popcorn

Absurdly Coconut*

It’s a taste of tropical islands! This is the perfect flavor to pair with another one of our signature flavors, and can be made into any color to accommodate the theme of your special event.

Absurdly Savory

Absurdly Cheddar Popcorn

Absurdly Cheddar*^

It’s tasty, it’s yummy, it’s cheesy! It’s reputation precedes itself. Also comes in Cheddar Bay*^, Cheddar Ranch*^ and Cheddar Dill*^.
Absurdly Spiked Cheddar Popcorn

Absurdly Spiked Cheddar *^

Our white and gold cheddar is seasoned with Sriracha to add a little heat to this savory flavor.
Absurdly Dill Popcorn

Absurdly Dill *^

Dill pickle, dill chips…why not dill popcorn?
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Absurdly Salt ‘n Vinegar *^

A perfect blend of salty and tangy. Perfect for those with a savory palate.
Absurdly Wasabi Popcorn

Absurdly Wasabi *^

Try this little zinger of a flavor! If you like the real thing, you’ll love it on popcorn.

Absurdly Mixed

Absurdly Dukes Popcorn

Absurdly DUKES Mix*

A mix of JMU Purple & Gold (Absurdly Caramel); it can come with or without white cheddar.
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Absurdly Confetti Mix *

Can’t decide which flavor to try? This is a mix of our signature flavors – Absurdly Caramel/Cinnamon/Cheddar. The best of savory and sweet in one mix.
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Absurdly Mixed *

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Absurdly Choco-Mint Mix *

It’s the perfect mix of our Absurdly Chocolate and Peppermint flavors.
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Absurdly Holiday Mix *

Gingerbread/Peppermint/Cheddar (this would go live for Black Friday – Dec. 31st)
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Absurdly Autumn *

Pumpkin Spice/Chocolate/Cheddar (available now through Thanksgiving)
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Absurdly Windy City *^

A little sweet, a little savory. This is a favorite mix from my hometown near Chicago, IL. The buttery flavor of our Absurdly Caramel is mixed with our Absurdly Cheddar to delight your tastebuds.

Absurdly Seasonal

Absurdly Gingerbread Popcorn

Absurdly Gingerbread *

‘Tis the season! Taste the holiday one kernel at a time with our special blend of gingerbread spices. (available Thanksgiving – Dec. 31st)
Absurdly Peppermint Popcorn

Absurdly Peppermint *

Looks like peppermint, tastes like peppermint…and it’s so refreshing on the palate! (available Thanksgiving – Dec. 31st)
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Absurdly Pumpkin Spice *

Fall in love with fall! Our unique blend of spices achieves the quintessential flavor of the season.
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Absurdly Autumn *

Pumpkin Spice/Cinnamon/Chocolate (available now through Thanksgiving)
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Absurdly Holiday Mix *

Gingerbread/Peppermint/Cinnamon (this would go live for Black Friday – Dec. 31st)
Popcorn contains *Soy and ^Milk ingredients.